Video PR:
Convince your customers using video interviews and video reports

We all devour picture messages and click on videos to find information about particular events. Why not use these tools for your own PR activities?

HTC and our video team create and distribute video interviews, video reports of round tables and expert panels, as well as video clips of trade show booths. These are not long-winded promotional films but rather compact, valuable, informative PR and news reports for distribution through blogs, YouTube, portals and online magazines via your company’s online and social media platforms.

Do you want to share your diverse knowledge with your customers and the industry? Don’t limit your PR to written content alone. Fast forward into the future! We will support you all the way!

Our Video PR Services:

  • Planning for Video PR (finding topics, media identification etc.)
  • Planning and organization of round tables, expert panels, interviews and video coverage
  • Upon request: Video training/how to act in front of the camera
  • We provide moderators and brief interview partners
  • Camera teams, video footage, editing etc.
  • Preparation of video clips for various formats
  • Distribution/placement of videos in specialist online media, portals etc.
  • Provision for the distribution in corporate media